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এখন সময় রাত ১০:১৭ আজ মঙ্গলবার, ৩রা কার্তিক, ১৪২৮ বঙ্গাব্দ, ১৯শে অক্টোবর, ২০২১ খ্রিস্টাব্দ, ১২ই রবিউল আউয়াল, ১৪৪৩ হিজরি

Continuation of Power: A Necessity for Developing Country Like Bangladesh

  • সংবাদ সময় : শনিবার, ২৯ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৮
  • ৮৫৪ বার দেখা হয়েছে

Desk Report: Former chief justice of Bangladesh Supreme Court, Surendra Kumar Sinha recently published a book titled “A Broken Dream: status of rule of law, democracy & human rights”. Though this book is entitled under biography category yet seems more to be an illegal instrument to defame the image of present government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Hiding his past deeds, he narrated his own version of stories to prove himself as patriot & thus carry on his conspiracy against Bangladesh giving a new blow to his long-cherished dream- fall of present government in other word fall of the democracy in Bangladesh.

In this part of the article we will try to address the past corruption committed by Surendra Sinha & prove that- patriotism, honesty & integrity he claimed to have in his book are nothing but a new drama originated from his cunning brain. Not only financial aspect but also discussion on his heinous slipping of moral character, stand against religious views & release of some dangerous criminal will explain whether Surendra Sinha is a patriot or a traitor?

Before proceeding to all his mischief let us first take a note on his notion about our culture & socio-religious values. Different religious activities & values are integral part of our culture. But Surendra Sinha thinks Almighty should be thrown out of our state policy & education where in reality our culture, family values & every part of life is based on trust on Almighty. He recommends to remove religion from syllabus & name of Universities. Mentioning about certificate of Dawrae Hadith under Qaumi Madrassa he directly points to stop Arabic & Islamic study in Bangladesh though in a Democratic country, citizens have every right to learn about religion & the language they believe to be holy one. This proves Surendra Sinha has no respect for religion, values & culture of Bangladesh. His level of disrespect is proved when he stamps our Muslim community as Fanatic when they asked for removal of sculpture though he knew Muslim cannot say their prayers keeping a sculpture in front of them. His arrogance was more important to him than the belief & value of millions. Can such arrogant & disrespectful person run the judiciary impartially? Is he even capable of thinking & taking issues rationally? Certainly not.

Now let’s move to his long history of corruption. From two person’s account naming Niranjan Chandra Shah & Md. Shahjahan pay order of 40 million BDT was submitted to Surendra Sinha’s account in Farmer’s Bank, Gulsan branch. He transferred an amount of 22,359,000 BDT to Narendra Kumar Sinha’s (his brother) account at Shahjalal Bank, Uttara branch. Accepting illegal money from Singapore immigrant Ranjit, he transferred to his two daughter’s account in Canada & Australia with the help of Canada immigrant Achinta Kumar. He also repaid his home loan from the money he collected from Ranjit. In total he possessed an amount of 3,17,25,000 BDT in excess to his known income.

He took bribe from different institutions & person to give verdict in favor of them in the case related to returning money from government treasury which was collected by interim government in 2007. Basundhara group collected the fund from different source and sent an amount of 600 million as 5% of the total amount to Surendra Sinha.

He had an illegal extra-marital relationship with Farzana Yasmin, Deputy Registrar (Financial) to High Court division. She accompanied him in many trip inside Bangladesh & abroad. They were also found hanging out at the residence of Giridhari Lal Modi, Chairman of Uttara group of industries.

Judge Mr. Paresh Chandra Sharma took a bribe of 8 lacs BDT & released accused Md. Shahab of a rape case from Case no. 213/2013. Surendra Sinha made Paresh Chandra the sectary of Judicial Service Commission & also together they collected amount 70,000 BDT from each candidate during recruitment of assistant judge.

Retired Judge of appellate department, Joynul Abedin was being investigated by Anti-Corruption Commission. Surendra Sinha ordered Additional Registrar Arunav Chakrawarthy to send letter to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) directing them not to continue any investigation against Joynul Abedin.

Proof of aforementioned transactions & deeds were presented before the people by different media & source many a times. All these incident clarifies- the real face of Mr. Surendra Kumar Sinha. Promptness of country’s different intelligence agencies & sensibility of different organs of the state could resist the anti-state conspiracy of Surendra Sinha in time thus Bangladesh passed in the crucial examination of retaining its sovereignty once again.

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